How to sell out your
NFT Collection

(And Make a Lasting IMPACT with Your Project)

Watch this short 20-minute workshop and discover the KEY steps that most NFT projects are failing to execute and how you as a founder can set your project up for not only a sold out collection, but also be positioned to make the kind of impact through your work you know you are called to make.

Casey Cavell, the founder of Kingdom House

Casey Cavell is an award-winning entrepreneur who has scaled dozens of businesses, taking a 9k investment and turning it into a $20,000,000 dollar business portfolio. In this quick workshop, he will share The Foundation, Frame, and Ceiling that your project MUST have to be successful.

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Our expectations for our time were blown out of the water.  I couldn’t believe a 3rd party moderator would help us bring focus and solve our biggest issues.”  


The Kingdom House team helped us gain the clarity we needed and forced us to focus on what moved the needle.  In just a few hours with their team they set us up with a solid plan to take our business to the next level. They are a 10 out of 10 .”

Andrew Snow - Founder & COO

Although I felt our messaging and vision was clear, our community needed it simplified.  After working with Kingdom House, they allowed us to craft a message that was not only inspiring to our community but is now being used by all our hodlers to spread the message to their friends & family.”

Eric Skeldon