What sets us apart?

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Their team brought to light the strengths and weakness of the business. Their structure and methodology helped to give the leadership team a roadmap to success. Their team is energetic and provides creative solutions and thought provoking ideas. They helped management get real in order to not just meet but outperform existing expectations.


We’ve Been There Already

We have been in your shoes; we know what it’s like to have a vision or huge opportunity and wonder how I attain that vision.  How do I build something or improve on what I already have while not sacrificing my sanity, family and ensuring we impact the most people we can.

We have a proven track record in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations as Founders, Operators, and Investors.

OG Members & ambassadors of the Top Web3/NFT communities, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Vee Friends, Doodles/Proof, Gutter Cat Gang, Jenkins the Valet, CloneX, Pixel Vault, and more.

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The proven process for creating a new NFT project

Proven Process

You gain full access to the proven process we have used in our for-profit and non-profit businesses.  This process will ensure you do the right things in the correct order and build a sustainable venture that adds value to your members and yourself alike.

We’re  Passionate About Your Legacy

We started this company to make an Impact, to ensure your Legacy is more than just about profit.  To use your skills, resources, and abilities to maximize your influence and positively impact more people.

Creating an NFT oriented legacy

Meet the team

Casey Cavell, the founder of Kingdom House


Casey Cavell

Casey Cavell is an award-winning entrepreneur, mission driven leader, and founder of Kingdom House.

He started his first company at the age of 21, and has successfully built over a dozen businesses in the past 15 years. After selling his business in 2016, he has helped over 100 business owners remove themselves from the day-to-day and gain back their time.

Casey has been an investor, advisor, and influential figure in the NFT community since April of 2021, assisting project founders and community leaders. Casey is a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, VeeFriends, Doodles, Gutter Cat Gang, and several other high-profile NFT communities.

Derek Coy, the community manager for Kingdom House

Community Manager

Derek Coy

Derek has been a Pastor the majority of his adult life.

For the bulk of his career, he served at Vineyard Community Church in Syracuse, Indiana. While there, he oversaw the youth, technology, operations, and outreach initiatives.

Derek is our Community Manager here at Kingdom House. He is passionate about connecting people and helping them come together around a common goal to invoke change. Derek is also passionate about helping others experience an authentic, life-giving community with others.

When he’s not working on Kingdom House initiatives, you will find him at the baseball field or other sporting events. Derek has coached basketball at the youth and high school levels. He is currently coaching baseball and co-founded a baseball organization called the Indiana Black Caps, which aims to develop baseball players’ in a life-giving and healthy manner.

Courtney, the Legacy 4:12 Stewardship person

Legacy 4:12 Stewardship


Courtney Biederbeck is a strategy and operations professional who is fiercely committed to helping purpose-driven leaders make an impact by managing people, processes, and projects to drive results in their businesses.

As an integrator, she partners with visionary and growth-minded entrepreneurs to provide direction and clarity through problem-solving, streamlining, cultivating teams, and driving accountability.

Prior to consulting, Courtney served as Director of People & Strategy at an anti-trafficking organization, where she led strategic planning, operations, HR, risk management, and the leadership team. Here she developed programs, streamlined operations and procedures, doubled the staffing, and honed her integrator skillset.

Courtney received her Master of Public Administration in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy at New York University and her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Spanish at The State University of New York at Geneseo.

Krystal Booker, the Legacy 4:12 Relationship Manager /Project Manager

Legacy 4:12 Relationship Manager /
Project Manager

Krystal Booker

Krystal specializes in defining, implementing, and revising operational policies and guidelines for Legacy 4:12. Krystal takes pride in providing genuine client support services, meeting the needs of the Legacy 4:12 team, and sales operations support.

Krystal is a faith-based entrepreneur who brings a positive mindset to the organizations she works with, making her team leadership respected and valued. In addition, she is passionate about personal and professional development and knows that by consistently pursuing growth in these areas of her own life, she can provide even more value as an operations leader for her clients.

Krystal Booker is the Head of Operations on our Legacy 4:12 team and has been instrumental in helping our Kingdom House team from the beginning. Krystal has brought her expertise to our team and has helped us develop many of our policies and guidelines that have shaped our operations.

Patrick, the Lead Artist/Art Advisor for Kingdom House

Lead Artist / Art Advisor


Before becoming a full-time artist in 2017, Patrick worked for 20 years in the creative industry as a Creative Director in an agency and the Church.

His capacity includes directing branding projects and campaigns. He was also an illustrator and directed a 3D animation project for the Jr. NBA.

Patrick has also spent 17 years serving in the local Church in Singapore, working in Youth Ministry. Currently, Patrick focuses on sharing his journeys as a faith-based artist with other believers and building a Christian metaverse to bring the Bible alive through walk-through experiences.

Patrick and his team launched their own NFT project called the Mehtaverse. You can learn all about Patrick, his artwork, and his NFT ventures over at https://www.patrickbezalel.io/

Lily, the Community Engagement/Development team for Kingdom House

Community Engagement  /
Development Team


Lily is currently the Director of Patrick Bezalel Gallery and the Founder of the Mehtaverse NFT project.

Before joining her husband (Patrick) full-time in 2020, she founded and ran two multi-million dollar agencies. The agencies focused on creative branding and were digital agencies.

Lily has spent the last 17 years serving in the local Church in various ministries, including Youth Ministry, Media Ministry, and Children Ministry.

She is currently connecting with believers from all over the world, interested in learning about Web3, and volunteering in various capacities to share God’s heart for this space. Lily and Patrick and their team launched their own NFT project called the Mehtaverse. You can learn all about Patrick, his artwork, and his NFT ventures over at https://www.patrickbezalel.io/

Joni, the Community Engagement/Development Team for Kingdom House

Community Engagement /
Development Team


Joni comes from the sunny island of Singapore.

She has spent the last 16 years as a domestic engineer, where she devotes herself to her beloved husband, 2 daughters (17 and 13), and her 2 dogs. Before that, she worked in the Financial Industry, specifically the asset management sector, taking care of advertising and communications, as well as product development.

Recently, Joni has caught the NFT fever and has been working for various projects and enjoying the steep learning curve of the space. Despite being twice the age of most crypto natives, it is an exciting time for Joni as she draws inspiration from her inner child to relate with this new generation. Tapping into her creative flair, Joni's contributions to projects mainly include marketing and events and connecting with the community and developing bonds in the digital space.

Konstance Cavell, Kingdom House's First Lady

First Lady

Konstance Cavell

Konstance Cavell is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and full-time entrepreneur.

She has a passion for building relationships and helping others maximize their full potential to reach their dreams.

Konstance is an experienced accountant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She has always had a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

After leaving corporate America to invest in her own small business fully, she realized her experience, combined with her passion for helping other entrepreneurs, could be utilized to create a community that encouraged other entrepreneurs' legacy. Since then, she has expanded her focus from financials to relationships. Now, she partners with entrepreneurs to help them avoid some of her mistakes in her own entrepreneurial journey.

Kingdom Collab

This is a group training for Mission-Driven founders who want to build powerful Web-3 projects that change the world.

We will equip you with the business strategy needed to not only create a profitable organization but also make the lasting impact your know you are called to make.

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